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Discover the true revenue potential of your business in days, not weeks or months. Find your fastest-paying clients and show them you're the profitable skipping trials, guarantees and multiple meetings.

"Three weeks with superwave.. and we’ve averaged 20 to 40 appointments a day, done over $100K in sales, and I hired three new sales reps this week!"
Tristan Larsen - Airlius CEO
Trusted by 50+ Leading SaaS Startups, Agencies, & VC backed founders

Cold Email Reimagined

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Reach Your Ideal Clients In Hours, Not Months

Superwave makes it possible by bridging the gap between the lead pools with untapped revenue potential and you, the expertise catalyst that generates revenue by helping winners win more.

  • Higher Sending Limits
  • Auto Setup Dkim, DMARC, DKIM
  • Higher Deliveribilty 90%+ Inbox Rate
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Never Land In
The Spam Folder Again

Unlocking the necessary outbound strength for highly-experienced teams to crush KPIs without having to worry about deliverability

  • Day 1 = 797 Emails Per Domian
  • Day 8 = 1500 Emails Per Domain
  • Day 15 = 2000 Emails Per Domian
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Scale Without Limits

Policy changes, algorithm updates, and even spam report prevention are built into our ESP service so you never have to worry about down time or failing infrastructure ever again.

  • No Domain Blacklisting
  • AI Anti-Bounce Rate
  • Not Linked to Gsuite/Outlook
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How To Create A Superwave Domain In 5 Minutes

Getting a Superwave Domain that allows you to send day 1 is simple. Buy a domain off Porkbun/Cloudflare. Change DNS setting to point to our servers. Generate Your Custom Users on a CSV. Upload them and get back a login/password to upload to your favorite sending tool.

  • 1. Connect Your Domians to Superwave
  • 2. Get 99 Ready To Send Users
  • 3. Upload These Users To Your Favorite Send Tool
  • 4. Get Results!
Superwave Spec Setup

Here's how Superwave will overhaul your current outbound infrastructure.

Send Limits Per Domains

Day 1 = 797 emails per domain
Day 8 = 1500 emails per domain
Day 15 = 2000 emails per domian

Full Compatibility with Smartlead/Instantly

We plug directly into your favorite send tool allowing you fully customize how you want to send out your emails.

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Client Slot System

We allow you to freely replace domains if they have any issues. This also includes any active domains.

Bounce Rate Tracker

We internally manage your bounce rates using 99 users so you are free to send higher email volumes. These bounces will disable users on end and allow you campaings to delegate sending to prevent throattling or blacklisting.

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Slack Community Of Experts

We have over 200+ Clients - VCs, Leadgen Agencies, B2B companes, and Leading Voices in the space ready to help you achive your desired out come.

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Scale Without Limits

Yearly Fee + Monthly for each domain you buy allows you scale up faster without having to work out a complex system to manage hundres of domains & inboxes.


How Do We Compare To "Inbox Providers"

Superwave AI
Features Included:
  • Higher Email Send Rates
  • High Reliability And Minimal Downtime
  • Access to 100s of agency owners
  • No Domain Blacklisting
  • Reliability Year Round
  • Can Scale Up To 5000/Emails a day on 1 domain
  • Easily scales to growing demands
Cheese Mail Enome Inbox Reseller
Features not included:
  • Capped at 20-30 Emails Per Inbox
  • Susceptible To Changes From Gmail & Outlook
  • Single Support Touch Point
  • Domain At Risk Of Being Blacklisted
  • Domains will be lost if you burn your reputation
  • Domians wil be maxed out at 200 sends a day
  • Has limited scalability features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use 99 users?
How many emails can we send?
What does delivery look like for your domains compared to other providers.
What UI/UX will you work off to access the inboxes
How do you manage 99 users (Inbox management)
What happens if there is an issues on your end with a domain.

Superwave Community

"What I I'm just gonna be completely honest.You can launch the next day. What we found is we give it a week to warm up, though, and we get really great results doing that."

Growth Engine X

"Absolutely been a game changer for us. We're implementing it for pretty much every single one of our clients right now."

Savvy Capital

"Between not needing to warm it up and also the volume that we're able to do. It has just been an absolute game changer."

Delphi Partners

"In terms of email deliverability and email sending, a big advantage for Superwave is that we're able to send four new clients, day one."


"Using outbound and reliability and increased performance that Superwave has kind of brought to our cold emailing strategy, we've actually grown the agency up to twenty five thousand dollars a month."

Growth Guru

"We've been using Superway for right around five months now. With quite a substantial system and over that period have been able to close multiple seven figures for our partners and us."


"The result was absolutely dramatic. We are seeing higher open rates than we've ever seen before. Eighty percent, sometimes ninety percent. We're always hitting the primary inbox. Volume is no longer a concern.."

Kirkland Group

"The perfect deliverability with the zero warm up time, was absolute game changer, allowing us to test different angles and verticals a lot faster."

Simply Booked Meetings

"What they've done at Superwave and what they've created is easily the most reliable, consistent and sophisticated cold email infrastructure that I've ever used or seen in the market."

Eastland Leads

"it's been it's been a game changer in that we can provide a much higher quality to our clients' tanks, thanks to the deliverability that Superway provides."

Rev Hunter

"Gotta admit I was a bit skeptical at first. You know, you you hear about these solutions, time and time again, but you never know if it's something that you can actually con can commit to. But, yeah, nothing nothing but good things to say about the boys."

Avalanche Capital

Superwave is designed to provide results within days of launch.
Jumpstart Soaring Revenue